Monday, January 7, 2008

Revelations Day One Reception @ the Needle!

Wow, we've been so busy here in Seattle between the workshop during the day and the heavy drinking going on at night when 700 artists hit the streets of Seattle at the same time that we have had no time to keep things updated, but I'm trying every chance I get, every lunch I have with free wi fi, I've been trying. Anyway, here are some pics from the party and Massive Black threw for the workshop attendees . . . at the Seattle Space Needle! How could I have forgotton to post these pics? Well, here's day one, night one where we shut down the needle, literally, all floors were dedicated to us. Definitely the coolest party I have ever been to, and we are from Vegas so that's saying a lot.

Yeah, we walked there at 11pm in the rain.

This is the view from the middle of the needle

First, we got off on the "pre-party" level, which had a gourmet dessert bar with tea and coffee, an overpriced fancy bar, a D.J and dance floor, and beautiful models set up in a lounge overlooking the city.

Yeah, Massive Black knows how to throw a party.

Next, was the top level, where the "party party" was happening. More gourmet food, more overpriced drinks, more models, more music and more view. There was a really cool vocal band making weird noise music while a D.J. spun over it and Andrew Jones was back behind the turntables keepin the party hot (and it was very hot in there).

Jska and Phil, the photographer.

Janae and Phil
I was too busy having fun to take too many more pictures, but as always, there are a ton more on my myspace page and on the Infractum myspace soon.

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