Sunday, January 6, 2008

By land and by air, we will be damned if we don't get there

On the road, day one on the way to Seattle for Revelations! Nikkie and I and some friends opted to make a little vacation of it by driving through Northern California and Oregon. This is seriously one of the most gorgeous drives on the west coast, why not?

Car full of art supplies

Clown Motel? Notice that we are driving a shitty Saturn rental . . .

Couldn't quite capture how beautiful this high mountain lake was @ 60 MPH but you get the idea.

Then we hit a little snag.

The Saturn couldn't handle the ice of Northern California on New Year's Eve, and we decided we couldn't handle the Saturn any longer either, so . . . we trashed it. The car totally fell apart, (kicking it repeatedly afterward didn't exactly help) but we all walked away relatively un-scathed. I have a few burns and bruises, Jordan busted his nose open on Jska's french easel, Nikki has a few bruises and naturally Fletcher is untouched, but aside from that we were fine, as you can see.

Nikki is ready to go the very next morning.

Half of Infractum Studios was involved in this one and we utterly laughed in death's clumsy face, lived to tell the tale and continued onward to "Revelations." Well, we were stranded in Quincy California for New Year's Eve, where they do not have rental car offices or cab companies, or food evidently. I must say though, the CHP in that area, all the emergency response personnel and the people of Quincy are all rad people and we don't have enough nice shit to say about these guys. We really regret not taking photos with the cops and the locals because they were so cool.

Here's the view from our $250 cab ride to Reno

A Pub in Ashland Oregon. Finally, back to civilization. (Reno doesn't count) After a night in what we've dubbed "the Shire" we were on the road, in a new rental and on our way to Revelations!

Blogger is shitty to work with, so if you want to see some more of the 500 pictures I've taken so far, then check the myspace.

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