Friday, December 28, 2007

DIY Art Show @ the Infractum Studio - Dec 27th 2007

So things didn't work out for our show the 26th on the strip but we didn't let that get us down. Our DIY Art Party was a huge success! Thank you to everyone who showed up, we had a lot of fun and this certainly won't be the last one of these we have. We're thinking monthly? Here are some images from our evening, there are a ton more on the myspace page.

Nikki's home after almost a month in the south!

Look at all the art happening!

This was great prep for the workshop we are all attending next week. We look forward to having another one of these gatherings soon after our return from the frigid north in January!

Happy X-Mas from John and Yoko (and Infractum Studios)

Christmas Eve 2007 -

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