Thursday, July 19, 2007

down low art show

The Down Low Art Show at the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas June 29th-30th

"A Modest Proposal" 16x20 Acrylic on Canvas Nikki Devine

Jska posing with a sweet hoodie in front of her "Minotaur" which is currently on display at M Modern Palm Springs (that's Cali bitch!)

The gang (looking quite smug after a night of representing Infractum) at Mr Lucky's after the show

Before the show . . .

Feed Us Fetus!

Literally, "in the studio," note the heat gun and pliers in the foreground . . .

For scale reference, Fletcher is a giant.

Art posts coming soon!

Monday, July 16, 2007


The Interstate Death Squad aka Infractum Studios


Hello everyone and thanks for checking us out!

I just really wanted to welcome you to our "In the Studio" photo journal. All of the members in our studio have the ability to post to this blog and document whatever they (or we) have going on in the studio as it happens!

I think for so many artists, the process of making art is a very intimate journey. Sharing this journey with others isn't easy for a lot of artists. We at the studio feel that sharing this with others is important, and shouldn't be something that is kept secret. We all learn from one another, ideas feed from other ideas, and in this way we are living our art and constantly moving forward... if this were projected on a bigger scale, imagine all of the knowledge shared and the amazing results that could have! Sharing lets us have a sense of community, no matter how large or small.

In another sense, this also allows us to have our individual views on our processes as well. There will be no censoring, no dictation on what technique is right, or what materials to use, because everyone approaches this differently. That is the miraculous thing about art - the process of getting the final product is a labor unique to the artist, and the viewing process is unique to every viewer.

We hope you enjoy our adventures as they happen. We look forward to an exchange of knowledge and experience... from us to you!