Sunday, January 6, 2008

More to come . . .

All right! D.K. and Devine have arrived by land, Jska and Laszlo? have arrived by air, and now we are all here for REVELATIONS! Below are images from Day 1:

Instructor introduction in Digital Room 1
Laszlo? and I very seriously documenting the excursion. Super serious.
You might see Laszlo? and Nikki, but all I see is BROM! Funny story, these guys are making nerd faces because they are standing right next to Brom and we are all star struck, by day 3 Brom is talking to us regularly and digging through our supplies for stuff to paint with. This workshop is fucking amazing.

Super serious art bandana! It's art time.

Andrew Jones doing a digital demo, note his rock star like tablet set up . . . I am so jealous.

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